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Ashtanga Intensive courses payment options AYS Provides various payment options. To Enroll in our Yoga courses in Rishikesh , We require Some Amount of USD deposit for Confirmation. The amount depends on the type of course you choose. Please find all payment options below to pay your deposit. NOTE: The Registration fee includes 10% Paypal transaction charges.

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Refund Policy

All aspirants are advised to carefully consider the time and resources required for the course before forwarding the application for the yoga course in Rishikesh. The Advanced deposit and Course fee submitted with the application is not refundable. only in the case of emergency participant can join us on other schedules. therefore we recommend that all applicants carefully examine their upcoming obligations so that they may be able to devote their full attention to the yoga course.

Full Payment

We are accepting different kind of payment methods, however, we kindly make a suggestion of paying the remaining balance by cash, or through Wise as it is the most convenient way for both of us.

To pay the deposit fee by PayPal is appropriate, but We are not accepting full payments by PayPal as it is 10% extra charges for us accordingly to Indian PayPal fees and policies.

Preferably USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD, INR, but we do accept other currencies as well.

You have to Submit the Course fee within 2 days after arrival.